Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Welcome to The Dicks From Texas!

Austin, Texas U.S.A.
Everything else in the world has a blog, so I thought it was about time for a Dicks From Texas blog.

Gary Floyd on the drag
Who are the Dicks? Well, sometime in 1979, Gary Floyd started posting homemade fliers around Austin, Texas...back when that didn't get you locked up...advertising a band called the Dicks. Stuff like 'first 10 people with guns drink free' at the New Mars Club.

He met Buxf Parrott and Glen Taylor at Raul's Club on Guadalupe and the Dicks became a reality, or a reality minus a drummer. They met Pat 'Dick' Deason and became a legendary great punk hardcore band whose first appearance was at The Armadillo World Headquarters, lovingly referred to as the Armadildo.
Barry Gavin, Buxf Parrott and Glen Taylor

For over 3 and a half decades the Dicks music and politics has inspired other musicians and thinking people to question the status quo. How many times have you had some horrible boss on your ass and felt like a loser?

Dicks songs like Bourgeois Fascist Pig were bandaids for those of us who felt like losers because some asshole in some double knit pants told us we were useless.

Maybe that's why these records have lived on for so long. Songs like Dead in a Motel Room and Suicide Note have inspired the covers tribute album 'The Dicks From Texas and friends' where 27 bands cover 28 beloved Dicks songs.

Nobody seems to know why these songs and the personality of this beloved band have sustained the test of time. I set out 16 years ago to create a documentary about my favorite band and search for the answers to these questions.

The Dicks songs have seen fern bars, rise and fall of grunge, Cuba throwing open the welcome mat, a couple of bushes and a reagan and still have managed to stay relevant and catchy.

Austin, Texas has changed a lot from the little cowtown where the Dicks and Dicks fans traveled to for the music and lifestyle. The people who congregate here today don't really know about Raul's, Sharon Tate's Baby, Les Amis, Inner Sanctum, Billy Problem and tons of other interesting people, places and things that created the weird in their bumper stickers and tee shirts.

This little blog is for the Dicks and their music, friends and followers, Austin lovers and haters, then and now, happy and sad, alive and not so alive, and all the wonderful souls who made hanging out an art form.

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