Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week late Chicago/New Orleans timeline

Well, I've been laid up with a bum leg since my trip to Chicago and New Orleans. I would have cancelled the whole thing were it not for a stealthy fine from the airlines and packages. So here goes.

I lit out April 15 with an extremely messed up leg and flare up of my sciatica from loading organic chicken for the dogs. The pain that wouldn't leave times 10!

I had to be at the airport by four so left here with good intentions and quickly realized I was going to have to take advantage of the handicapped amenities. With my 61st
birthday around the corner, was this a wake up call for things to come?

Wicker Park
I arrived at the airport and parked in my favorite lot. They were super nice and said they'd send the shuttle right over to get me so that I wouldn't have to walk a step. I make it into the airport ok and whisk through the Frontier counter with ease. Is that Billy Bob Thornton standing in front of me?

After probably the best meal I will eat in the next five days with a delicious carrot and ginger salad, it's up up up in the friendly skies. Next stop, Chicago-land.

I get in a little after 7 p.m. and start trying to figure out my route to House of 2 Urns.

Cats, of course!
I am so tired and my poor leg is throbbing, so I can't drop in at Society for Arts where CIMMFEST is screening some great films. There are some great films being screened at CIMMFEST this year, but I'm just too tired and
sore to enjoy anything other than a good night's sleep.

I would love to stay over and see Jaco about Jaco Pastorius, the incredible bass player who died tragically so young. CIMMFEST is also premiering Journey of Dreams about the band Morphine which I absolutely love. Sometimes, I just wish I could sit and watch movies all day like I used to do.

from the bus

Seagulls eating burritos
Next day: after a shitty experience at a record store, I'm back on the next bus with 1/2 of the worst Chicago burrito ever and my leg is really starting to hurt. I'd like to do some sightseeing, but options are pretty limited. It was between Lake Michigan and Jane Addams Hull House. I opt for Lake Michigan as the least painful of the two.

I fed the burrito to some gulls and ran out of juice on my
phone. I am super in pain now and looking at about an hour on the bus. Naturally, I miss my stop and have another 1/2 hour wait to catch a bus back to the hotel.

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