Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Austin Fusion Magazine's RxSM Festival and The Dicks From Texas Review

RXSM’s opening reception last night was not one you would expect to participate in at a film festival. Spiderhouse Ballroom may have been bulging at the seams with attendees mingling and engrossed in film conversations, but above everything else it was a party.

The event started, and ended the night, with performances by local bands. Not your typical local bands, mind you, but ones that have influenced the Austin rock scene for decades: The Offenders, The Bulemics,  Black Irish Texas, El Pathos,  Cunto!, The Beaumonts, The Surlys, Pocket FishRmen, The Flash Boys, Churchwood, The Dickins,  Scorpio Rising,  Jesus Christ Superfly, New Mystery Girl, Brewtality, Inc. and Black Eyed Vermillion.

As the evening approached the main event, the premier of the highly anticipated documentary “The Dicks from Texas,” the crowd became blended between film fans and true Austinites. The documentary was for them, after all, the ones who lived this iconic era in the Austin music scene. The atmosphere expressed that, and the enjoyment of the audience seeing their youth on screen made for one of the best viewing experiences imaginable. It didn’t feel like a festival, it was a night where old friends came together, a class reunion of sorts.

As much as Austin has changed in the last few years, the DNA of what makes this city great is still alive and well. It’s in the people who were part of RXSM’s opening night, celebrating a great documentary about an impactful group of young guys who will always be loved. If the opening night sets the tone for the rest of the festival, this weekend will be one hell of a indie film festival.

Written by Lisa Mejia (lisa@austinfusionmagazine.com)
Images by Micael Monroe (micael@gowestphoto.com)

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